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Labour Councillors snub Dublin electorate

4 November, 2008

Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has today slammed Labour Party Dublin City Councillors for voting against a Sinn Féin motion put before last nights monthly council meeting calling on Dublin City Council to fully respect the democratic wishes of the electorate following their rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.


The Dublin MEP said:


“Despite Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore declaration that the "Lisbon Treaty is dead" and that the concerns of the Irish electorate must be addressed following their rejection of Lisbon in June it appears his Dublin City Councillors are so desperate to solidify their political relationship with Fianna Fáil on the Council that they will quite literally turn their backs on Labour voters if needs be.


“It is worth reminding ourselves that Labour MEP Proinsias De Rossa also voted against a similar motion put before the EU Parliament in advance of the Lisbon Treaty which called on the European Parliament to respect the outcome of the referendum in Ireland. Like his DublinCity colleagues Mr De Rossa voted to dismiss the democratic decision of the very people he is elected to represent. Interestingly his own political alliance in the EU parliament supports the Lisbon Treaty.


 “The Labour Party like Fianna Fáil has done little to progress the concerns of this city’s voters be it in City Hall, the Oireachtas or the EU. Had the Taoiseach gone to his EU partners following Ireland’s rejection of the Treaty to negotiate better terms for the people in the form of; a social progress clause for workers, strengthening of key vetoes on public services, taxation and international trade, sought to secure the removal of all self amending clauses including Article 48 and the retention of Ireland’s permanent Commissioner the current uncertainty at home and in Europe surrounding Lisbon would not have occurred.


“It seems that both parties are prepared to put the interests of their political allies ahead of the very real concerns and interests of their own voters.” ENDS


Wording of Sinn Féin DCC motion:

In noting the outcome to the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Dublin City Council congratulates all those involved in the campaign and we call on the Irish government, & our EU colleagues, to fully respect the democratic wishes of the electorate and realise the Lisbon Treaty cannot now come into effect.


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