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Road Death Reduction Shouldn't Lead to Complacency- Boylan

20 November, 2008 - by Cathal Boylan

sinn Féin MLA and the party's spokesperson on Road Safety, Cathal Boylan has said that while the ten year target for reducing road deaths has been met early we cannot afford to become complacent.

Mr Boylan said,

"A target of reducing road deaths by a third by 2012 has already been met but we cannot become complacent as there are still too many people dying on our roads.

"Last year over 113 people died on the road in the North and many of these deaths could also be avoided by increasing our determination of making our roads safer.

"Speed and drink driving are two of the biggest threats to lives on the road and I welcome the fact that there has been several high media based campaigns to highlight this fact. As we enter into the Christmas period I would urge people not to be taking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

"I am also concerned that with money becoming tighter people will leave essential repairs to their vehicles a little later than normal so adding to the risk of having an accident.

"By also targeting specific groups such as young men who are more prone to speed we can deliver an even larger decrease in the number of deaths and serious injuries over the next few years.

"As the vast majority of us are road users we are share the responsibility to deliver safer roads so I would appeal to everyone to contribute by exercising care and courtesy on the roads

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