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Lisburn Council accused of squandering ratepayer’s money

3 December, 2008

Lagan Valley MLA and Lisburn councillor Paul Butler, accusing the council of "squandering" up to a million pounds of rate payers money to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Lisburn's existence.

Mr Butler said: "In these very difficult economic times when people from all walks of life are facing cut backs Lisburn Council are planning to spend up to half a million pounds of ratepayer's money on celebrating 400 hundred years of Lisburn's existence.

"It beggars belief at a time when many ratepayers of Lisburn are making decisions about whether to heat or eat that councillors voted for this extravagant and unnecessary expenditure. Lisburn Council are already in debt to the tune of £20 million after taking out huge loans to pay for council facilities.

"The elderly, those in employment and on low incomes and those on the dole are facing difficult decisions about heating their homes and paying for increased food prices yet Lisburn Council is planning among other exorbitant events: a musical festival costing £150,000, a gala dinner at £30,000 and floral displays at £45,000.

"I have no problem with the council marking the 400th anniversary of Lisburn but these plans are over-priced and excessive.

"I am calling on the council to scrap these plans go back to the drawing board and set their sights at a financially realistic level; a level which reflects the straitened times we are living in."


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