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Gregory Campbell needs to focus on acting as a Minister – Sinn Féin

9 December, 2008

Sinn Féin MLA and chairperson of the Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee Barry McElduff has criticised Minister Gregory Campbell for continually focusing on issues with little relevance or significance for people living here.

Mr McElduff said,

"Once again we see needless rants from a man who is elected as a Minister for culture in this Assembly, but would much rather criticise a great music talent like the musician Dido.

"More often than not we are seeing Gregory Campbell listing his issues with Scottish soccer, than working for the rights and entitlements of citizens here in the North of Ireland.

"Gregory Campbell cannot, as a minister in the Executive, continue to ride on his reputation of old, he has responsibilities to citizens and he also has a duty to actually promote and appreciate cultural and artist expression, particularly if it is coming from someone of Irish decent like the singer Dido.

"The song that Dido quotes from in her latest track , "The Men Behind the Wire" was a song highlighting the plight of those people interned without trial here in the North of Ireland; Gregory's deliberate misrepresentation of this civil rights song is a mere attempt at getting column inches in the British tabloids. Well he has indeed succeeded at that but all the while, cultural and artistic groups here in the North of Ireland are wishing the Minister would take their issues just as seriously."


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