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de Brún comments on "important" Climate Change package with "disappointing elements"

16 December, 2008 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin's MEP on the European Parliament's Climate Change Committee has today spoken on the latest proposed EU plan on Climate Change which will be voted in the European Parliament tomorrow.

Speaking during the debate on the package Ms de Brún stated that the "deal represented an unprecedented international attempt to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change. I and my party support all measures at local, national, EU and indeed at global level through the UN climate talks which can set the necessary binding targets for CO2 reductions."

"There are some very disappointing elements in the EU package such as the possibility for Member States to export the majority of their emissions reductions actions to countries outside the EU and the complete failure to stand up to the automobile industry and impose strict reductions in CO2 emissions from passenger cars. On the other hand the measures on renewable energy and on fuel quality and the improvements to the Emissions Trading Scheme represent movement in the right direction."

"Now of course it is up to the government in Dublin and the executive in Belfast to follow through on the progress that has been made. I hope they can show ambition in putting this plan into action. "

"The economic crisis should be an incentive to develop renewables, improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. More action could mean a new industrial revolution creating more employment." ENDS

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