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British legislation on Community Hall Compensation enshrining discrimination on statue

19 December, 2008

Sinn Féin MLA for Tyrone Barry McElduff has stated that the legislation before Westminster regarding compensation for community halls in the North of Ireland is enshrining discrimination on statute as it ignores attacks on GAA halls and clubhouses.

Speaking today Mr McElduff said:

"I would be extremely critical of the legislation that is in front of the British parliament today at it only further enshrines discrimination on statute, not addressing the particular circumstances if the Gaelic Athletic Clubs.

"In 2008 we saw a number of arson attacks on GAA club rooms and premises in different parts of the north with some attacks absolutely destroying club houses.

"The legislators in question do not understand, or are choosing to ignore, the key role that the GAA plays in many communities in Ireland including the north. More often than not the GAA club is the hub and heart of the community and in all aspects is clearly a community hall.

"The idea that the legislation does not cover these clubs for the fast tracking of compensation is unacceptable and is a step in the wrong direction.

"I will be writing to all political party leaders throughout Ireland to draw attention to the inconsistency and evident form of discrimination so that they in turn can exert maximum influence on the British government to approach this on an basis of equality."

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