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Adams – Three hour humanitarian window for Gaza is not enough

7 January, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has today criticised the three hour daily window that Israeli forces said they would allow for Humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

Speaking today Mr Adams said:

"There is a humanitarian disaster in Gaza as a consequence of the long standing Israeli policy of sanctions against Gaza and most immediately the current Israeli assault on that region.

"The United Nations has stated that there is a growing shortage of basic foodstuffs and fresh water because of damage to the infrastructure in Gaza. To allow just three hours a day for humanitarian aid to access Gaza, be unloaded and distributed will not address the sheer scale of this crisis.

"Humanitarian aid must have unhindered access to all areas of Gaza in order to provide for the population there, the local health services and aid infrastructure.

"The International community cannot allow the situation in Gaza to deteriorate any further. All diplomatic efforts must be focused on persuading the Israeli Government to cease its operations in Gaza and for an end to all hostilities.

"I am urging all parties and groups in the region to accept inclusive dialogue and political negotiation as the way forward. There can be no military solutions or victories."

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