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People of Gaza need action not words from international community

10 January, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan

Speaking in Dublin today at the IPSC rally organized in support of the people of Gaza Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MLA, MP demanded that the international community match hard words with strong action.

Mr. Adams said:

“Two years ago I visited the Palestinian refugee camp at Kalandia in the west bank. The camp was established in 1949, the year after I was born. In the intervening years thousands of Palestinian families have endured the horror of living in the most unimaginable and terrible of conditions in that camp.

“Their plight is replicated right across that region by millions of Palestinians.

Is cúis náire agus cúis brón é sin don domhain ar fad This is an indictment of the international community who have failed to provide the leadership necessary to bring an end to this crisis decades ago.

“Each day we have watched in growing outrage as the people of Gaza are subjected to a brutal military assault and occupation that has left almost a thousand dead - hundreds of them children.

“The haunting images of homes wrecked, of terrified families existing among rubble in shock and despair, and of endless funerals, has rightly outraged people across the world. Caithfidh deireadh a theacht le seo anois!!

“It is time all of this was brought to an end: The slaughter of people in Gaza must end.

·        There must be an end to all hostilities;

·        an end to the attack on Gaza;

·        an end to the blockades and sanctions;

·        an end to the obscenity of the Wall which steals Palestinian land and divides families and communities;

·        an end to the refugee camps;

·        and an end to the denial of the Palestinian people of their right to self-determination.

“The International community must match strong words with strong action.  War is not the only option. Peace is the only option And that means in the first instance engaging in dialogue.  All democratic mandates must be respected.

And this means Israeli government must be prepared to talk directly with Hamas.

“It is the only way to agree a negotiated peace settlement – it is the only realistic way to end the decades of war and injustice. But unless the international community, and that includes the Irish Government, the EU and the US Government exercises its considerable influence and authority any temporary relaxation of the current assault on Gaza will only bring a short respite for citizens there.

“What is needed is a real and sustained international effort to construct a durable peace settlement which provides for two states, including a Palestinian state that is sustainable and viable.

“We must commit ourselves, no matter what happens in the short term,  to working for a peace settlement , to working for a Palestinian state which is sustainable and viable.  We must commit to doing all we can to help make that a reality. “ ENDS







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