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Strong turnout at Belfast Gaza Rally highlights strength of opinion for ceasefire

10 January, 2009

Sinn Féin's Lord Mayor of Belfast,Tom Hartley, has today called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal from Gaza by Israeli Forces. Speaking today, following his address at the Belfast Rally in support of Gaza, Mayor Hartley said:

"The strong turnout in Belfast, and in other cities around the world, today highlights the strength of opinion surrounding the ongoing situation in Gaza.

"With over 800 people killed in the ongoing offensive, 270 of whom are childrenthe world cannot, nor will not stand idly by, and let this crisis continue unmarked.

"Israel are now dropping leaflets over Gaza warning it inhabitants of an intensification so it is never more important to let those with influence hear the calls of outrage against the massive death toll and humanitarian crisis in Gaza

"Sinn Féin supports the calls for an immediate end to attacks on all civilians; an immediate ceasefire and a withdrawal of Israeli forces. It is also essential that urgent aid to be allowed into Gaza with unimpeded access throughout the Gaza Strip."

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