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Condolences expressed for passing of ex Downpatrick Sinn Féin Councillor Geraldine Ritchie

12 January, 2009

Sinn Féin councillor Éamon Mac Con Midhe has expressed his party’s regret at the recent death of former councillor Geraldine Ritchie following a long illness.

He said, “Geraldine made an important contribution to the development of Sinn Féin in Downpatrick and south Down.

“She was elected as a councillor in 1985 during a time when Sinn Féin’s electoral strategy was in its infancy.

“The first Sinn Féin councillor to take a seat in Downpatrick since the 1920s, she did so at a time when republicans lived under the constant threat of assassination from unionist paramilitaries.

“Although she did not take such a prominent public position in recent years, she remained active with the party until she became ill.

“She will be remembered for her hard work within Sinn Féin and for her constituents who recall the hard work she did to better the lot of people who were underprivileged.

“On behalf of Sinn Féin, I would like to send our sympathy to Geraldine’s family who is in our thoughts at this difficult time.”

Geraldine is survived by her husband Tommy, three children and grandchildren.

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