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EU pesticides package well intentioned but lacks scientific rigour

12 January, 2009

Speaking during a debate in Strasbourg on a pesticides package before the parliament Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has described the regulation as well intentioned but lacking in the necessary scientific rigour required to defend health or economic concerns.


Speaking from Strasbourg the Dublin MEP said:


“There are many examples of sound EU environmental policies which improve the lives of citizens across the EU, however there are also many examples of where unnecessarily bureaucratic measures emanating from the EU restrict the potential to sustain rural economies and way of life.


“Unfortunately, the "Pesticides Package" before parliament today falls into the latter category.


“This package lacks the scientific rigour required to defend health and local economies. The lack of a thorough impact assessment which takes into account the effect that these new laws will have on the environment, health, economy and the sustainability of rural communities is testament to it’s failure to apply sufficient scientific rigour.


“I am concerned that the pesticide package before parliament today will ultimately have the opposite effect of the progressive intentions behind it. This well-intentioned attempt to create sustainability may ultimately undermine the countryside by imposing overly stringent rules on our already struggling farmers and producers.


“I have listened intently to the persuasive arguments of the representatives of food producers in Ireland and believe their interests and the long-term interests of all citizens are not served by this new regulation.


“The EU trialogue position represents an improvement but more needs to be done on the regulation by way of amendment to these real concerns.” ENDS


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