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Morgan urges unions to protect low paid workers

23 January, 2009

"In responding to suggestions of a pension levy to be imposed on public sector workers Deputy Morgan has described the proposal as "yet another in a litany of unfair taxes on working people as well as a discriminatory measure against public sector workers."

The Louth TD said:

"If a pension levy is to be imposed along the lines of the income levies, low paid workers will be affected disproportionately. Taking money out of the pockets of workers on low incomes will suck more money out of the economy and compound our economic deterioration.

"While there are areas where the public could be made more efficient, any reductions in pay should be targeted at those who can most afford to do so.

Why should public sector workers on low incomes expect to take a pay cut when our hospital consultants are on a salary of €250,000 for a 33-hour week?

"The wave of attacks on our public services from IBEC and others are unjustified and driven by a self serving agenda.

"Everyone is aware of the deficit in public finances but taking an axe to the public sector is short-sighted and counterproductive, which will ultimately not only damage our schools and hospitals but will also undermine our prospects of economic recovery." ENDS

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