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Reilly - An Post Refuses to Stick to Pay Agreements

19 January, 2004

Sinn Fein Cllr Joe Reilly has said that the decision of An Post not to pay the 3% National Wage Agreement and to renege on other pay agreements is wrong, unfair and unjust to the local postal workers.

Cllr Reilly said:

"I have been informed that An Post has informed over 35 Navan postal workers, in writing, that they are pleading "inability to pay" the national wage agreement of 3% increase due this month. They also stated their intent to renege on an agreement that was intended to compensate workers for a reduction in weekly income due to the closure of the Letter Forwarding Office (LFO) in Navan in the coming weeks.

"The decision by An Post to break agreements entered into is a disgrace. It was not An Post staff that has reduced this once fine company to the sorry mess it is today. It was management. They have run the company into the ground and they did in the full knowledge of government. The managements lack of vision, of direction and foresight was clearly in evidence when company representatives met with Navan Town Council some months ago. It was clearly evident that they knew little of Navan or its needs. They had no development plans, no new investment plans, nothing, to meet the requirments of a changing Navan. It therefore comes as no surprise to me that the company appears unwilling to meet its responsibilities to its employees.

"If the company it to overcome it present difficulties it is an imperative that it has the confidence of its workforce and the workforce are entitled to believe that the company keeps agreements it freely entered into.

"I therefore call on the company to pay the wage increase of 3%, and to stick to the agreement of compensating workers for their loss of income, when the LFO closes"ENDS

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