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'All-Ireland co-operation vital to child protection’ - SF

28 January, 2009 - by Maeve McLaughlin

"The committee of the First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) was briefed by the junior Ministers this week on the roll out of the ten year strategy for Children and Young people," Ms. Anderson commented.

"This strategy aims to put in place the necessary legal and statutory structures in order to provide the very best protections for young people and to respond in the most effective way to those who have been abused.

"Some of the key measures highlighted in the briefing were the needs for greater All-Ireland co-operation to improve safeguards and to increase the emphasis on protecting children and young people who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System.

"Those points alone reinforce the wisdom of greater co-operation across the island and for the transfer of policing and justice powers to the Assembly.

"Enhancing all-Ireland measures is simply common sense and it something which Sinn Féin obviously wants to see across all aspects of public policy.

"And in this context - the safety of our children - I would hope that all public representatives would set aside their own party political agendas and look at the issue of enhanced North-South co-operation and policing and justice in an objective manner."

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