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McCrea must clarify his relationship with UVF/LVF killer

3 February, 2009

Mitchel McLaughlin MLA (South Antrim) has called on the Constituency MP Willie McCrea (DUP) to set out in detail the extent and nature of his relationship with loyalist murder gang leader Billy Wright.

Mr McLaughlin's call comes after it was revealed at the Wright Inquiry that Mr McCrea held meetings with the then UVF leader in 1991 and 1992 at the height of Wright's sectarian murder campaign in Mid-Ulster. During this period when Willie McCrea was the MP for Mid-Ulster, Wright's Death Squad was involved in the blatantly sectarian murders in 1991at a mobile shop in Craigavon of 16 year old Katrina Rennie, 19 year old Eileen Duffy and local man Brian Frizzell as well as the murders of 63 year old Charlie Fox and his wife Teresa at their home neay Moy, Co Armagh in 1992.

Mr Mc Laughlin said:

"At the height of the Drumcree crisis and following the murder of Catholic taxi driver, Michael McGoldrick, Wright was expelled from the UVF and went on to form the LVF. Shortly after his expulsion from the UVF Willie McCrea very publicly appeared alongside him at a support rally in Portadown. At that time Mr McCrea claimed that his actions were merely showing support for someone living under threat.

"It has now emerged at the Billy Wright inquiry that far from being the first encounter between Billy Wright and Willie McCrea, the MP was actually holding meetings with the then UVF leader in 1991 and 1992. This despite Wright making little effort to disguise his role as a loyalist murder gang leader in Mr McCrea'a then constituency of Mid-Ulster. Mr McCrea needs to explain these revelations considering that Billy Wright was directing a murder campaign against Catholic constituents of Mid-Ulster while Willie McCrea was their constituency MP.

"This revelation will cause deep anger amongst the victims of Billy Wright's murder squad. At best McCrea is guilty of gross hypocrisy. Willie McCrea now must set out in detail the extent and nature of his relationship with Wright and what he knew, if anything, about Mr Wright's activities during this period." ENDS

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