Sinn Féin - On Your Side

John Hume/Gerry Adams Statement 20th November 1993

In the statement they said:-

We naturally hope that the British government will respond positively and quickly to the clear opportunities for peace which this initiative provides. The most pressing issue facing the people of Ireland and Britain, as now appears to be agreed by all sides, is the question of a lasting peace and how it can best be achieved.

We are personally greatly encouraged by the popular and widespread support which has greeted the initiative and by the many personal messages of support and encouragement that we have received. We remain committed to this peace initiative and to the creation of a peace process which would involve both governments and all parties.

We also remain convinced despite all the difficulties, that a process can be designed to lead to agreement among the divided people of this island which will provide a solid basis for peace. We are examining ways to advance the initiative.

We have taken no decision on the publication of the substance of the initiative, the objectives of which have been made clear in our previous statements.