Sinn Féin - On Your Side

John Hume/Gerry Adams Statement 20th October 1995

1. The two governments have agreed to launch the preparatory phase for all-party talks in the peace process which will, not later than 30 November, lead into substantive political negotiations, in round table format, to reach an agreed political settlement.

2. The two governments have also agreed to ask George Mitchell to head up an international body, to ascertain and advise the two governments on the commitment to peaceful and democratic methods of all political parties which will be participating in the round table negotiations and consequently of their commitment to the removal of all weapons from Irish politics.

The international body will also be asked to ascertain and advise on how the question of arms, now (thankfully) silenced, can be finally and satisfactorily settled. George Mitchell will be assisted by two other figures of international standing likely to inspire widespread confidence.

3. Accordingly, the international body will have the remit of reporting, by ( ...... ) on whether it has established that a clear commitment exists on the part of the respective political parties to an agreed political settlement, achieved through democratic negotiations, and to the satisfactory resolution of the question of arms.

4. The international body will report to the two governments who will undertake to consider carefully any recommendations he makes and to give them due weight.