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McDonald - Irish sovereignty is further diminished and imperilled by the EU draft constitution

29 January, 2004

Sinn Fein's EU Candidate for Dublin, Mary Lou McDonald last night spoke at a debate organised by the TCD Historical Society (28.01.04). Representatives of some of the other main political parties also attended the debate, entitled 'That the EU Constitution is the Death of National Sovereignty'.

In her address to the society, McDonald reiterated that Sinn Fein remained concerned about the creeping advances toward a European Super state and the gradual demise of national sovereignty.

Ms. McDonald said:

"The development of the European project from the Coal and Steel Community onwards has seen a gradual but measurable centralisation of power and erosion of national sovereignty.

"Just as with the Nice Treaty, the very welcome enlargement process is used as a pretext for this new constitution. But this is not just a treaty reorganising the EU, it is a treaty establishing a constitution for Europe. As such, the proposed constitution consolidates and strengthens the grip on national sovereignty.

"It should be remembered that the EEC started out as a project of economic cooperation, a partnership of equal states that made decisions by consensus. We have moved very far from the original model of cooperation. There is now not a single aspect of Irish life over which the EU does not exercise some level of legislative control or powerful influence.

"Irish sovereignty is further diminished and imperilled by the draft constitution. Sinn Féin opposes such an EU superstate. It is far removed from the Europe of equals that we are working to create."ENDS

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