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For Jim Allister to match the substance of the Agricultural Minister will take some work- Sinn Féin

20 February, 2009

Sinn Féin Agriculture spokesperson, West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty MLA, has dismissed Jim Allisters attack on Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew as one of the last outbursts he get to make in the European parliament.

Speaking today Mr Doherty said:

“Jim Allister’s comments today come as no surprise. If he could live up to the substance and energy given to improving and delivering for the rural community that Michelle Gildernew has shown then that would come as a surprise.

“Michelle Gildernew, as Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, does more in any given day than Jim Allister has done in his political career.

“This weeks Farm Modernisation scheme, initiated by the Minister, will see significant release of capital that will be contributed to also by local farmer, enhancing the rural economy significantly.

“It is one of three schemes being brought forward by the Agriculture Minister to help the rural economy in this current devastating economic climate.

“Jim Allister is using this platform to attack Sinn Féin while he can. In four months time, following the next European election Jim Allister may as well be making speeches and declarations from his back garden. Right now he doesn’t have long left to make such attacks in this European seat.”

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