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Statement from Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, MP, MLA.

10 March, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan

Commenting on last night's attack in county Antrim Mr. Adams said:

"Last nights attack was an attack on the peace process. It was wrong and counter productive. "

"Those responsible have no support, no strategy to achieve a United Ireland. Their intention is to bring British soldiers back onto the streets. They want to destroy the progress of recent times and to plunge Ireland back into conflict."

"Irish republicans and democrats have a duty to oppose this and to defend the peace process. Sinn Fein has a strategy to bring about an end to British rule in our country by peaceful and democratic means."

"There should be an end to actions like the one in Antrim last night. The popular will is for peaceful and democratic change."

"Sinn Fein has a responsibility to be consistent. The logic of this is that we support the police in the apprehension of those involved in last nights attack."

"The police also have a responsibility to give leadership and to behave at all times in a transparent and accountable manner. The British Government has a duty to uphold the new political arrangement and the peace process."

"I particularly want to appeal to republicans once again for calm, thoughtful and decisive leadership. "

"The peace process was built against the odds and not least because of the willingness of republicans to take risks and to be strategic and long sighted."

"There are elements within Unionism and within the British system who do not want the peace process to achieve its objectives. Our responsibility is to defend the peace process and the progress that has been made to achieving national and democratic rights. " "We will not be deflected from our republican and democratic objectives." Ends

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