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McGuinness - British Double Standards Exposed

2 February, 2004

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness commenting on speculation that the British government is about to announce an inquiry into intelligence claims leading to the Iraq war said:

"The controversy in Britain around the reasons offered for the War in Iraq highlight one of the difficulties in our process. Obviously in terms of the British situation either the intelligence services were incompetent, gave false information and the war started on that basis, or they deliberately gave false information in order to foment a war.

In the north of Ireland these same British intelligence services have played a central role in creating a succession of crises in the peace process. Unsubstantiated allegations, still presented as fact by elements of the media, have been used as an excuse to tear down the political institutions.

The British intelligence system has repeatedly conspired to destroy the peace process and promote conflict. Despite this there is no talk of inquiries by the British government.

Just as significantly the British government refuses to agree to inquiries into proven instances of collusion between British state forces and loyalist death squads which resulted in the deaths of hundreds. And the British government continues to sit on the Cory report despite the fact that Judge Cory has told the families that he believes public inquiries are justified. Once again we see one law for the Irish and another for everyone else.ENDS

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