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Cost of Tánaiste’s mishandling of SR Technics – 1,200 job losses unless government changes tack

12 March, 2009

Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald MEP has this afternoon described the Táiniste’s handling of SR Technics impending closure as shambolic and has called on Mary Coughlan to work with trade union officials to ensure every avenue is fully explored to keep the Dublin facility open for business with the maximum number of jobs retained.

Ms McDonald said:

“It is astonishing that despite the Táinistes commitments to SR Technics trade union officials, the union has not met nor do they know the identity of the independent aviation expert appointed to help assess the options open to local management and the workers to keep the the facility open.

“Even more mind boggling is the IDA and Enterprise Ireland’s strategy of directly referring all potential investors in SR Technics to the company’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Management despite the well voiced concern that SRT Zurich who own the company are intent on closing the Dublin base in an effort to consolidate this element of the aviation market for themselves.

“I recently met with trade union officals from SR Technics and it was crystal clear then from the evidence presented to myself and my Dáil colleagues that SRT Zurick is engaged in nothing less than commercial sabotage.

“The Dublin facility is a viable business and could be sold on as going concern to another investor or indeed the workers and local management themselves. This high skilled, high tech company is of significant strategic importance to the country and is still profitable. Jobs at SR Technics can be retained.

“The Táiniste and indeed the IDA and Enterprise Ireland have a responsibility to SR Technic workers and local management to exhaust every avenue in a transparent and accountable manner to retain jobs at the facility. Since the start of 2009 almost 1,000 people have lost their jobs every single day. We need a three year government led job creation strategy to get Ireland back to work. But most importantly we need to retain existing jobs in the economy. The goverments casual attitude to this stark fact cannot continue. ” ENDS

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