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New legislation to protect children and vulnerable adults welcomed but is must be properly resourced. – Sinn Féin

20 March, 2009

Sinn Féin MLA and spokesperson on children and young people, Sue Ramsey, has welcomed the bringing forward of legislation that will allow for increased measures to ensure the safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults.


Speaking today Ms Ramsey said:


“Any legislation brought forward to safe guard our children and vulnerable adults is to be welcomed. I am glad that the Health Minister has made this a priority, as the protection of children and vulnerable adults is a paramount principle in any society.


“It is important that anybody working in this sector is checked to make certain that there is maximum safety for our children and vulnerable adults however with over 125,000 additional jobs becoming subject to assessment we must also ensure that the mechanisms for checking people are properly resourced and funded.


“Looking back on previous schemes such as Access NI, it was evident that this scheme was not properly resourced which led to massive delays in people being able to access their posts which ultimately affected the smooth delivery of services.”

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