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Gerry Adams comments on the death of Cllr Maire Moore

21 March, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has extended solidarity and sympathy to the family of Belfast Councillor Maire Moore who died this afternoon, Saturday March 21. Mr Adams and his wife Colette are life long friends of Ms Moore.

Gerry Adams said,

'Maire Moore was an outstanding Irish woman and a very sound republican.

She traces her republicanism back to 1942 when Tom Williams was captured after a shoot out with the RUC at her granny’s house. Maire, a young girl at the time, was in the house during the shoot out. Tom William was hanged for the killing of a police officer that day.

I first met Maire in the 1960s. She was active in the Civil Rights Movement in Belfast and in Sinn Féin. Maire was imprisoned for her part in women’s protests and she was particularly close to Máire Drumm, Vice President of Sinn Féin who was assassinated in hospital in 1976. Maire herself was shot by the British Army. In 1978 she was imprisoned again, on false charges along with the Belfast Executive of Sinn Féin and the staff of Republican News. The charges were later dropped.

Maire was a pivotal part of the network which was established with the political prisoners protesting in Armagh and Long Kesh prisons, particularly during the hunger strikes in 1980 and 1981. Prisoners from that period and their families will remember Maire with great fondness for her thoughtfulness, generosity and hard work.

She also served on the Ard Chomairle.

In 2000 Maire was the first Sinn Féin woman elected as deputy mayor of Belfast City Council.

She continued to serve the people of Belfast until her death this afternoon and she will be deeply missed by the republican people of this city and by many who would not share her politics but who found in her an outstanding activist for citizen’s rights and particularly the rights of women.

I extend solidarity to her daughter Eileen, her sons Brian and Ciaran and her grandchildren and great grand children and to her extended family.

I spent some time with Maire just a week ago, the night before going to the USA. Although Marie was obviously very ill, she was in great form and looking for scéal.

She remained very staunch in good times and bad. She was very supportive of me and I will miss her slagging and her craic as well as her activism.

Go ndéanfaidh Dia trocaire uirthi. Tá sí ar sli na fírinne anios.

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