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Murphy welcomes launch of Consumer Council research on customer views of water

27 March, 2009

Regional Development Minister, Conor Murphy, MP, MLA today welcomed research on customer views of water and sewerage services.

The Consumer Council research report, “Tapping into Consumer Views,” was commissioned by NI Water.

Commenting on the research, the Minister said: “It is important that people have a say in the future of our essential services and tell us how those services are doing. Today we face new challenges of how we will invest in our water and sewerage services to provide the infrastructure necessary for the twenty- first century.

“We want to deliver high quality services to customers. We want those services to be efficient, affordable and sustainable. We need to bring our infrastructure up to scratch, meet our legal obligations and protect the environment.

“But even with the investment we are making we cannot address everything and therefore it is a question of getting the priorities right. That is why it is vital that we listen to people’s views in deciding how to move forward. The Consumer Council’s research allows us to do this.”

Chris Mellor, Chairman/Chief Executive of NI Water said: “At NI Water our priority focus is our customers. They deserve the best quality drinking water and wastewater services and we must meet their expectations. NI Water is grateful to all those who participated in the research which has provided us with a greater sense of what matters to our customers and where our customers want us to target resources in the future. We look forward to working together with all our stakeholders to transform the experience of water customers in NI”.

The report is available by contacting the Consumer Council

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