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Communities have given the clearest indication of all in opposition to recent events.

1 April, 2009

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast, Paul Maskey, has stated that it is people on the ground who have given the clearest indication of opposition to recent events. Speaking following another bomb scare on the Falls Road last night Mr Maskey said:

“Last nights bomb scare at Daly’s garage on the Falls Road created yet more disruption to local communities.

“What we saw last night was homes having to be evacuated and local people having to either stay at relatives houses or in a local church hall. This just is not on.

“Over the past two days I have had countless people, many of whom are republicans, come up to me and ask the question - ‘just what will these actions achieve?’

“I don’t know what those people who were behind leaving this device think they will achieve by putting local people from their homes, closing off the Falls Road, and causing disruption to this community.

“This is a community who stood fast against discrimination, attacks and suffering for over thirty years. It is this community, and others like them, who know here they want to go in the future, believe in an clear and identifiable way forward to achieve their aspirations and see no justification for bomb scares, hijackings or shootings.

“In all it is these communities who have given the clearest indication of opposition to the recent spate of events. It is time that the groups behind the attacks listened to the people.”

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