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New figures will encourage people to use public transport

7 April, 2009

Sinn Féin MLA and spokesperson for the Environment, Daithí McKay, has welcomed the latest findings that show Translink are meeting punctuality targets. Mr McKay stated that this news will encourage people to both take-up and increase their use of public transport and consider it as a first choice rather than a last resort.

Speaking today Mr McKay said:

“The news that Translink are achieving their targets for punctuality 98% of the time is a good news story. Public transport provision has continued to improve over the past few years with the new introduction of priority bus corridors providing ease of travel for buses, investment in both new train sets and bus fleets, the modernisation of stations and the upgrading of railway lines."

“Both rail and bus usage are up significantly, with an increase of almost a half a million train users and over a million extra bus passengers from this time last this year. As we work to tackle issues such as climate change, sustainability and congestion, the benefits of using public transport as a viable alternative to the private car are becoming more attractive."

"The fact that Translink are proving that public transport is efficient in getting people from one place to another and on time at an affordable price will increase public confidence now and in the future"

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