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Adams joins Collusion Families for London protests

4 February, 2004

Speaking in Westminster to the families of those killed as a result of collusion between British intelligence agencies and the loyalist death squads, Gerry Adams MP said:

"The continuing power and influence of British securocrats is evident in the on-going attempts by the British system to hide its real role in Ireland over three decades of conflict.

The British government‚s refusal to co-operate with a range of investigations into state and state-sponsored violence is symptomatic of a culture of concealment that infects the entire British system. The British state continues to withhold vital inquest evidence in respect of numerous state and state-linked killings in the north.

They have obstructed the Saville Inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday; the refused to co-operate with the Barron Inquiry into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings; and they refuse to initiate independent inquiries in a number of controversial killings, including those examined by Judge Cory. Fifteen years after the death of Pat Finucane his family is still campaigning for the truth about his death and who sanctioned it.

The murder of citizens through collusion with Unionist death squads has been and remains a British state policy in Ireland. Collusion - the control, resourcing and direction of loyalist death squads by British state agencies ˆ was sanctioned at the highest level of the British government. It resulted in the deaths of hundreds of republicans, nationalists and Catholics. Members of Sinn Fein, including elected representatives, were among those killed in a vicious campaign of political terror.

This is a human rights scandal which anywhere lese would have brought down governments. Not so with British state terror in Ireland. Is it any wonder that Thatcher and General Pinochet of Chile are such close friends? They shared the same violent policy towards their political opponents.

The British politicians who sanctioned the policy of collusion have never been held accountable.

Collusion has not ended. The British apparatus, which operates the policy of collusion, continues in existence.

The policy of collusion must be ended, its structures must be disowned and dismantled and there must be full disclosure of the truth about Britain‚s war in Ireland".ENDS

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