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The future of Long Kesh site – Sinn Féin

8 April, 2009

Commenting on today’s statement from OFM/dFM concerning the future of the Maze/Long Kesh site, confirming an end to the stadium element of the development, Sinn Féin Assembly member for Lagan Valley Paul Butler said:   “At a time of a deepening economic crisis the Maze/Long Kesh development, including the multi-sports stadium, had the potential to create between 8 and 10,000 jobs. This has been squandered entirely due to power struggles, personal ambition and petty politics inside the DUP. It is now up to that party to justify this to the wider public in these difficult economic times.   “What is required now is for the stadium needs of the three sporting bodies to be met and to press ahead with the development of the Long Kesh site. Sinn Fein is determined to ensure that the listed buildings and the Conflict Transformation Centre will become the hub of a new and positive development at the Long Kesh site.   “There has been much good work done by the Maze/Long Kesh Consultative panel over the course of recent years. This work provides the foundation for the future development of the site.   “The fact is the listed prison buildings and the transformation centre will be a central part of the future development of the Long Kesh site and the DUP and others need to recognise that reality.   “The Barossa Task Force recognised the contribution which the north can make towards peace building and conflict resolution. It should be noted that the executive, have in their response to the Barossa Taskforce committed to developing a facility to share our experiences. Given the recognised historic and reconciliation potential of the site we believe that it would be fitting for such a facility should be located at Long Kesh” ENDS

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