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Irish People Do Not Want Nuclear Plants – Fine Gael MEPs must come clean, Tomás Sharkey

16 April, 2009

Louth County Councillor and MEP hopeful Tomás Sharkey (Sinn Féin) has hit out at plans for more Nuclear Plants in Britain. He has said that the plans are dangerous and a slap in the face for the Irish People. He also claims that Fine Gael in Europe are campaigners for cheaper Nuclear plants across Europe and wants Europe to be a “world leader” in nuclear energy.

“Nuclear power plants are a stupid idea. The Irish people reject the nuclear industry. We have been victims of Sellafield and live under the threat of Thorp every day. Reports that the British government plan to build 11 more nuclear plants come as no surprise. The Nuclear lobby has been active across Europe for some years now. They are trying to market themselves as green, clean energy providers. They are nothing of the sort.”

“There is a limited supply of uranium for nuclear plants. It takes at least 10 years to plan and build a Nuclear Plant. Global warming is happening now. Off shore wind farms can be installed in a matter of months. The carbon emissions from building a Nuclear Plant and mining the fuel means that they are barely carbon neutral.

“The worrying thing for Irish people is that Fine Gael MEPs are part of the campaign to build Nuclear Plants and to promote the notion of nuclear energy. The Fine Gael party is in the EPP political group in Brussels. Their key priorities for 2004 to 2009 have included “New, more efficient, lower-cost reactor designs.” That party’s co-ordinator of the Committee on Climate Change wants Europe to be the global leader in nuclear technology.

“It is now time for Mairéad Mc Guinness and the other Fine Gael MEPs to admit that they are part of this pro nuclear campaign. She must declare her intention to leave the EPP or admit her Nuclear loving politics.

“For my part, I have led Louth County Council’s position in opposing the Euratom Agency which uses taxpayers money to promote the nuclear industry.”ENDS

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