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Gerry Adams Blog looks at DUP in government two years on

28 April, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams writing in his Blog today points out that next month will mark two years since the establishment of the  power sharing government involving Sinn Féin and the DUP and the other parties.

This is the longest period that the political institutions have been functioning since the old Stormont regime was stood down in 1972.

In his blog the Sinn Féin leader looks back over the last two years and in particular the working relationship with the DUP.

He points out that the DUP is a party which was opposed to power sharing and sought to Smash Sinn Féin. Today however it is in government, as an equal with Sinn Féin working the political institutions, including the all-Ireland institutions.

Mr. Adams describes the DUP as ‘reluctant partners.  They don’t like equality. They don’t like democracy. They don’t like being part of a system which they cannot dominate. But they are, to repeat myself, where they are. And that’s a good thing. And it’s two years on. And that’s also a good thing.’

He concludes that it’s not enough to ‘just to have functioning, if fledgling, institutions. They also have to deliver. On the economy. In the battle against poverty. Against sectarianism. For equality. The Irish language. Policing. All Ireland matters. And on all the other issues which are important to citizens.

So, one of our tasks is to keep working with the DUP and other unionists because we believe that they are capable of doing bigger and better things…Our responsibility is to work the agreement and to build on it in the future... We also need to persuade them (unionists) of the logic and good sense of Irish unity.’ CRÍOCH

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