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Citizens Amendments to Telecoms Package must be supported

5 May, 2009

Speaking in the parliament today on the Telecoms Package Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald MEP has called on all MEPs to stand with EU member state citizens by supporting the ‘citizens' amendments’ package.

Speaking in Strasbourg the Dublin MEP said:

“This ‘Telecoms Package’ is one of great interest to many citizens in Ireland and across the EU. There is a responsibility on all MEPs to send a strong message on behalf of citizens that we are in favour of a free internet where the privacy of users and their rights are respected. We must stand behind the block of citizens' amendments that have been tabled as the best way of defending the rights of the people.

“These amendments if passed will restore some sort of balance between end-users' rights and freedoms and the rights and freedoms of others, including the right to intellectual property protection and the right to privacy.

“The aim of this proposal should be to protect those who need protection but also to strengthen the rights of citizens to access information within the law when and where they see fit. Service providers should be made act in a transparent manner at all times and if in very exceptional cases restrictions to access are required they should be fully accountable in justifying these restrictions. National powers should have a role in investigating any restriction service providers impose.

“I hope this parliament will stand with our citizens this week in supporting the "citizens' amendments" package and thereby stand-up in favour of the freedom of the internet users and civil liberties in Europe.” ENDS

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