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McGuinness calls for end to hostilities in Sri Lanka

6 May, 2009

Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness MP MLA has called for dialogue and an immediate end to hostilities in Sri Lanka. This follows weeks of intense fighting between the Singhalese government and the LTTE which has seen over 80,000 civilians displaced and countless others killed or injured.  Speaking today Mr McGuiness said: “The situation in Sri Lanka is reaching crisis point with over 80,000 civilians being displaced from the conflict zone in the north of the island. This number is expected to rise putting even more pressure on already strained aid agencies.  “On top of this there are tens of thousands of civilians caught up in the area who need urgent attention. “There needs to be an immediate ceasefire in the north east of the country and greater access and delivery of emergency aid both for those in refugee camps and those caught in the conflict zone.  “Furthermore I would urge all parties to seek a resolution through dialogue. Military victories can achieve no long term settlement, whereas a negotiated process can help foster a lasting peace based on a just settlement within Sri Lanka. “On previous visits to Sri Lanka when I have met the President, Government and the Tamil Tigers, I have stated that the resolution of the conflict can only happen at the negotiating table. Nowhere else. And I am reiterating that call now.” CRÍOCH

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