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Christy Burke ‘a fearless voice for the people of Dublin Central’ — Adams

16 May, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan

SINN FÉIN President Gerry Adams is in Dublin Central today to support the by-election bid of his party’s candidate, Christy Burke. A Dublin City Councillor, Christy Burke was a jailed in the 1980s for his defence of Moore Street traders along with the late Tony Gregory TD whose death resulted in the by-election.

Mr. Adams said the Government was seeking to make ordinary people pay the price for their destruction of the economy and that Fine Gael offered no real alternative. Describing Christy as a tireless campaigner against government neglect of the constituency, Mr. Adams said voters in Dublin Central had always returned a strong voice to speak up for them in the Dáil and now was not the time to let the Government ignore their needs.

Commenting on today’s opinion poll Mr. Adams said: “The mood for change is palpable and that is reflected in the polls.  There is strong support for Sinn Féin right across the country. Republican politics have never been so relevant. Things are really tough for people and the impact of the government’s emergency budget has still to be felt.  There is no confidence, whatsoever that Fianna Fáil and the Greens can turn the economy around.  Now is the time for people to assert themselves and send the government a strong message. Now is the time for real change.”

Gerry Adams said:

“Christy Burke has been a fearless voice for downtrodden and neglected communities in Dublin for decades. A founder member of the Concerned Parents Against Drugs, Christy drew state and media attention to the threat drugs posed to society when the government did nothing about the problem.

“One of the city’s hardest working public representative, Christy’s tireless campaigning, with others, resulted in long-overdue improvements to Dickensian housing conditions in the inner city.

“Christy’s belief in the importance of educational opportunity for young people in this community saw him fight tooth and-nail for a community college and improvements to local schools. The people of Dublin Central have always returned at least one strong voice to speak up for them in the Dáil. The Government should not be allowed to ignore the needs of this constituency.

“The Government is seeking to make ordinary people pay the price for their destruction of the economy. Fine Gael offers no real alternative. Its policies will also damage the interests of working families.

“There is a choice in this election though. Sinn Féin represents an alternative type of politics. In the Dáil, Christy Burke will be a fearless voice for the people of Dublin Central.” ENDS

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