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Irish government should apply international pressure for British to comply with Dáil motion – McDonald

18 May, 2009

A commemoration is taking place today to mark the 35th anniversary of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has called for international pressure to be applied to the British government to comply with the Dáil motion calling for access to all documents held by the British government relating to this and other fatal attacks in this State.

Ms McDonald said:

“This week marks the 35th anniversary of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings in which 33 people were killed. It is a very poignant anniversary for the survivors and the bereaved and we extend to them our continuing sympathy.

“Reports of investigations commissioned by the Oireachtas on this and other fatal attacks have found that collusion between British crown forces and loyalist paramilitaries not only occurred but was widespread.

“In July 2008, the Dáil unanimously passed a resolution calling on the British Government to ‘allow access by an independent, international judicial figure to all original documents held by the British Government relating to the atrocities that occurred in this jurisdiction’.

“The unanimous request of the Dáil continues to be denied by the British Government. The Irish Government needs to be more pro-active in pursuing the British government and should apply pressure at international level, including the EU and UN. Two of the dead were citizens of France and Italy and their relatives, together with those of the 31 other victims, deserve truth and justice.” ENDS

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