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Doherty - British Concealment Policy Continues

11 February, 2004

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP has accused the British Secretary of State Paul Murphy of 'continuing the decades long British policy of concealment'. Mr Doherty's comments came after Mr Murphy refused to attend the Oireacthas hearings into the Barran Report, which investigated British State involvement in the Dublin and Monaghan Bombs.

Mr Doherty said:

"Britains dirty war in Ireland has been mirrored by its policy and culture of concealment. This policy has been evident time and again from Widgery, through Samson, Stalker and Stevens and more recently with both the Cory and Barron Reports.

"This British government under Tony Blair is continuing with this decades long policy. They are continuing to protect those within their own system who formulated and carried out a policy of state sanctioned murder.

"The British Establishment believe that they can get away with continuing to cover up this policy. It is no surprise that Paul Murphy has refused to attend the hearing into the Barron report, particularly given the attitude of the Justice Minister Michael McDowell. McDowell's arrogant attitude towards this inquiry and his bland acceptance of British lies as fact only serve to encourage the culture of concealment which dominates Britain's attitude to these matters.

"The full extent of Britains collusion policy will be exposed. It will be exposed because the families of its victims will continue to campaign and lobby until the truth has been established. They will not roll over and accept excuses and lies from the British government and those within its establishment who remain determined to cling to the old practices of cover-up and obstruction." ENDS

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