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McCartney calls for removal of threat

18 February, 2009

Sinn Féin Spokesperson, Raymond McCartney MLA (Foyle) has called on the previously unheard of group styling itself Bogside Republican Action Group (Brag) to publicly withdraw a threat contained in a letter delivered to a priest in Derry.

Raymond McCartney said:

"It has been brought to my attention that a previously unknown group styling itself the Bogside Republican Action Group delivered a letter to a local priest stating that all public servants, including Traffic Wardens would be considered legitimate targets from 12 o'clock tomorrow.

"I have only one clear message for this group if such a group actually exists. You nor your threatened actions are wanted in this City. Withdraw this threat immediately and desist from such nonsensical actions in future. The people of Derry have spoken out clearly in rejection of the activities of other groups in this City recently and I have no doubt that given the opportunity they will reject you as well." CRÍOCH

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