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Adams Speaks Out On Finucane Murder

12 February, 2004

Speaking from Australia were he is on a week long tour, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has accused the British government of 'hiding behind the Cory Report for three years and now hiding behind the consequences of it'.

Mr Adams said:

" Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the murder of Pat Finucane in his North Belfast home. It has now been well established that the unionist death squad who carried out the attack were being controlled and manipulated at every level by both British Military Intelligence and the Special Branch.

" Pat Finucane was murdered as a result of Britain's very deliberate policy of state sanctioned murder. His family have refused to accept the lies and the barriers constructed by the British state in the years since his murder.

" The demand for a full public, judicial inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane is undeniable. The British government hid behind the work of Judge Cory for three years in resisting this demand and now they are hiding behind the consequences of it. The British government need to publish the Cory Report and act upon its recommendations.

" Tony Blair cannot continue to stall. He cannot continue to protect those within the British system who developed the policy of collusion and who are still actively engaged in cover-up and concealment." ENDS

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