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Toiréasa Ferris Speaks to motion 95

20 February, 2009

Toireasa Ferris, Kerry County and Tralee Town Councillor, Sinn Féin Candidate for Ireland South Constituency, speaking in favour of Motion 95.

I am speaking today not just as an elected representative, but as a young mother who like all parents does not want to rear my daughter for export, rather we want our children to grow up in an Ireland that enables them to reach their full potential. I am also speaking as someone whose partner, though a skilled tradesman is, like thousands of others, unable to find work.

The political establishment will say that they sympathise with the hundreds of thousands on the dole ques, But it is their reckless behaviour that has forced them into this the first place

I want to tell these politicians that people don't want your sympathy. People want action.

People want change.

People want some sign that those who have been entrusted to run our country have a plan to get us out of this mess.

This government has lost the people's trust.

Yet they are asking us to trust them and reverse our democratic decision to reject the Lisbon Treaty.

Last year Yes campaigners told us that no changes could be made to the treaty; that Ireland would receive no concessions if we voted No. Yet the very same people now tell us they have achieved major concessions on a range of issues.

Well I for one am not willing to accept that from the same snake oil salesmen who sold us Sean Fitzpatrick's debts, particularly when cannot even see the detail of these so called guarantees.

My generation wants to play its part in Europe. But we want a Europe that is founded on principles of justice and democracy - a Europe of equals, not a super-state, that is why we voted as we did last june.

Apart from anything else this country should not be burdened to spend further millions on a referendum already democraticly decided, nor should public millions be used to investigate criminal activity of some bankers in tribunals.

If it is burning a hle in government pockets with the guilt of taking it from the likes of school janitors and cleaners in our hospitals, then don't take it. Put the millions you want to spend on rerunning the same referendum into building the schools you promised in 2007 or to honour commitments made under the farm installation grant scheme. Let the criminal justice syatem deal with the banks, its cheaper than tribunals and has more desirable outcomes, imprisonment. at the end of the day the golden circle and the political elite are two sides of the one coin, how can you inevtigate yourself.

As a young Irish person, I have had enough of politics as usual. It is time to take our country back from the political elite that have squandered our prosperity and shredded our social fabric. Its time to end the crony capitalism of Fianna Fail and build prosperity that serves all of the people, not just the few.

ordinary people need to step forward and bring about change. We can build a real patriotic concensus. We can make sure that the burden of pain of getting this country back on track is not lumped on the backs of ordinary workers and that in furture everyone will share the fruits of prosperity.

Together, we can build an Ireland and a Europe that works for the benefit of all and not the chosen few.
I urge you to support this motion.

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