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Sinn Féin reject Alex Atwood’s comments on Policing and Justice transfer

23 February, 2009 - by Alex Maskey

Sinn Féin MLA and spokesperson on Policing and Justice Alex Maskey has rejected that the claims today by the SDLP's Alex Atwood and labelled them disingenuous.
Speaking today Mr Maskey said:
"Sinn Féin firmly reject the comments by Alex Atwood. They are an example of the SDLP trying to score political points by being wholly disingenuous and lack any substance.
"Who the British government shared the detail of this legislation with is a matter for themselves. For our part we strongly believe that nobody should be excluded from this process. The SDLP have attended the meetings on the transfer of Policing and Justice powers and clearly know this position.
"Sinn Féin have said that we would support the SDLP for the position of Justice Minister. That remains our position. It must be asked have the SDLP even bothered to arrange specific meetings with any other parties to seek their support or do they expect Sinn Féin to conduct that negotiation for them also.
"The latest 'poor me' statement from the SDLP is fairly typical of the malign approach that they are taking to anything that the Assembly or the Executive are doing. Having previously argued that the transfer of powers on Policing and Justice could not happen, they now sit on the sidelines and criticise Sinn Féin for bringing it about."

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