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Sinn Féin react to Woodword announcement on Eames/Bradley

25 February, 2009 - by Ian Milne

Reacting to the announcement on a radio show this morning by the British Secretary of State Shaun Woodward that the British Government are to abandon the recognition payment contained the in the Eames/Bradley proposals, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Victims issues Francie Molloy said:

"When this report was published we cautioned that the next stage would be for the British State, the chief protagonist in the conflict, to take the Report away and to cherry pick through it to arrive at a position which suits their interests. British State interests do not match the interests of victims and survivors.

"This is exactly the approach successive British governments have taken to these sorts of reports in the past. Be it Patten on Policing or previous reports on Equality issues and Fair Employment in particular. Reports are written, recommendations are made and then the British government do what is in their interests.

"That is what is now happening. This was always a weakness in the Eames/Bradley approach which we publicly identified. The British government appointed them, set their terms of reference, funded them and ultimately reserved the right to pick and choose from their recommendations.

"This is a bigger issue than the £12,000 recognition payment. This process has to be about delivering an effective, victim centred truth recovery process which is independent of the British State. The appointment by the British Government of a Legacy Commission as proposed by the Eames/Bradley report falls very short of this demand. The fact that the British government have already started to cherry pick away from Eames/Bradley will not inspire confidence that they have decided to end their policy of concealment and cover-up and begin to address the issue of truth in an open and transparent fashion." ENDS

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