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Older people deserves society’s respect and assistance – Sinn Féin

2 March, 2009 - by Mickey Brady

Sinn Féin spokesperson for older people Micky Brady MLA has called for a renewed approach to practically assist older people within our society.

Mr Brady's comments come following the passing of a motion at the Sinn Féin Ard Fhéis stating,

This Ard Fheis recognises: • Older people are an invaluable part of our society. • The rights of older people to full and active participation in the life of the nation. • Older people face discrimination in access to a range of services. • Older people are facing serious financial hardship. The Ard Fheis congratulates Sinn Féin Ministers in the Executive for establishing a Champion for Older People and progress towards a Commissioner for Older People, and further mandates the incoming Ard Chomhairle to: • Ensure our elected representatives propose the initiation of a review by the relevant public authorities, north and south, into the standard of living of older people, including pension provision, cost of living, fuel poverty, disposable income and access to public services, resulting in a comprehensive Strategy for Equality for Older People. • Actively promote the participation of older people in the work of the party and their participation in the life of the nation.

Mr Brady's comments come ahead of his own mother's 100th Birthday tomorrow.

Speaking this evening Mr Brady said,

"This is an issue that must be taken seriously and Sinn Féin has been and will continue to champion the rights of our older people.

Tomorrow my mother will join with me and other family members to celebrate her 100th Birthday here in Stormont. We must work to ensure that her rights and the rights of all of our older people are protected, promoted and advanced within our work here in the Assembly." CRÍOCH

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