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Gldernew launches consultation ob roll-out of CAP Health Check policy options

4 March, 2009

Minister Michelle Gildernew MP, MLA has launched a consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Health Check agreement.

There are several policy issues arising from the recent CAP Health Check agreement where the Department has some discretion in implementation and on which it now seeks the views of stakeholders.

Launching the consultation, the Minister said: "The CAP Health Check has provided a number of significant implementation options on which we have regional flexibility. These include whether we should move to a flat rate Single Farm Payment (SFP), make use of the National Envelope and how we should recycle unused SFP funds. Given the importance of these issues, I am very keen to hear the views of stakeholders before taking decisions. Therefore, I would encourage all stakeholders to make their views known to DARD by taking part in this consultation."

Additional issues covered in the consultation include the decoupling of the Protein Crop Premium, minimum SFP payment levels and the possibility of excluding SFP claimants who exercise very limited agricultural activity.

The consultation will run until 30 April 2009. A separate consultation has taken place on the method of allocation of additional milk quota.

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