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British Challenged on Inquiry Costs

4 March, 2009 - by Ian Milne

Responding to comments in the British House of commons by Shaun Woodward outlining costs of £300m for four Inquiries, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Truth issues Francie Molloy said:

"Once again when dealing with the issues of inquiries into people murdered directly by the British State or through their surrogate gangs, Shaun Woodward seeks to hide behind the costs of these tribunals rather than focus on why they are in place in the first instance and secondly why his governments actions have contributed to such high costs.

"It is not the inquiries themselves which have cost money, it is the British government policy of concealment and cover-up which gave rise to them which has caused these costs. Sadly even today as we can see in cases like Pearse Jordan the cover-up and concealment policy is alive and well.

"So it would do victims and survivors a much greater service if he stood up in the British House of Commons and instead of playing a bogus numbers game he announced that his government was finally prepared to come clean on its past involvement in collusion, state murder and other human rights abuses."

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