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7 March, 2009

Following the release of this week's disastrous unemployment and exchequer figures Sinn Féin's leadership today gathered in Dublin to discuss the party's proposals for an alternative political alignment to tackle the economic crisis.
The meeting also signed off on Sinn Féin's Job Creation proposals for getting Ireland back to work which are due to be released later next week. Sinn Féin will also launch its public finance and public sector saving proposals in advance of making its submission to the government's supplementary budget.
Speaking from the party's Head Office in Dublin Ms. McDonald said:
"The government simply cannot continue to ignore the effect soaring unemployment is having on the economy and until a plan for getting Ireland back to work is delivered this downward spiral will continue."
"The fact is that the current €5 billion budget deficit in our public finances is directly related to job losses.
"As a result of the sharp increases in unemployment tax revenue is now €2 billion below estimates while spending on welfare and medical cards is €1.5 billion over budget. VAT receipts are significantly down as families batten down the hatches and are simply afraid to spend.
"The Government's budget last October did nothing to stimulate the economy nor protect and create jobs. As it now stands unemployment figures will far exceed the projected figure of 400,000 by the end of the year. This is a crisis that cannot continue to go unchallenged.
"We do need taxation reform. We do need efficiencies in our public finance spend. We do need to address wastage. The Commission on taxation needs to bring forward their report in advance of the Dáil summer recess.
"However the government's focus on cuts is fundamentally undermining Ireland's economy. The number one priority should be retaining and creating jobs. It should be getting Ireland back to work.
"We need a plan to hold on to or create the 1,000 jobs a day that are being lost. We need to fast track business start ups. We need to create a Sales Ireland strategy that maximises our existing indigenous export market as well as developing its growth prospects in the immediate and longer term. We need to foster and develop a real innovation culture. Success is possible but not until the current government delivers a plan. If they cannot it is time for them to go." ENDS

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