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Home Help Pension Levy Unjust and Indefensible

24 March, 2009

EU Candidate Cllr Toiréasa Ferris described the imposition of the pension levy on Home Helps as unjust. Home Helps receive no pension from their employment and have no security of employment. She also said that it is indefensible that home helps who receive a meagre and uncertain income should have this levy imposed on them while the very rich continue to avail of loopholes to avoid any tax payments. Toiréasa Ferris said: "Home Helps contribute hugely to improving the lives of the elderly and those confined to the home. Most go way beyond the call of duty in the care for their clients. In doing so, they save the state the enormous costs of institutional care. For this they are paid on the lower end of the scale. They have no pension attached to their job. They have no security of employment. They do not even have security of hours worked. Yet this week Home Helps opened their pay packets to find that the government has charged them a levy for their non existent pensions." "It is indefensible that at a time when those with the most wealth can still avail of tax loopholes to legally avoid paying tax, the government imposes a levy on those with the least income to pay for the excess's of bankers, developers and other high flyers." "Any government faced with the present economic crisis we are now in should see fairness as a crucial element of recovery. Taxing Home Helps for a pension they do no receive is neither fair nor just and should cease immediately"

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