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Mary Lou McDonald MEP Allowances and Expenses

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald MEP details her European parliament allowances and expenses and answers some frequently asked questions.

If you are re-elected will you maintain the link between an MEP’s salary and that of a TD or will you opt for the new MEP scale?
Since becoming an MEP in 2004 I, along with my party colleague Bairbre de Brun have advocated a single remuneration for members of the European Parliament.

In 2005 we both supported a report by Ona Jukneviciene MEP, which sought to standardise MEP salaries, called for greater accountability in MEPs general allowances and allowances to reflect real costs incurred by MEPs. I will be paid the EU salary.

I, like all Sinn Fein elected representatives and workers, am paid the average industrial wage from my salary, after which a small amount goes back the party and the remainder to provide improved constituency services. This is a principle I am immensely proud of. Sinn Fein is not in politics for monetary gain, we are in it to bring about progressive political change.

Is your salary subject to Irish tax or the EU rate?The Irish tax rate.

Do you believe the Parliament is right not to release details of MEPs expenses?
No. Since becoming an MEP my colleague Bairbre de Brún MEP and I have been loud advocates of greater accountability and transparency in the EU. The parliament must become a more accountable body to the peoples of Ireland and Europe.

Do you think the Galvin Report should be published?

Do you have a European parliament pension?
No. My pension is with the Oireachtas. This is the only pension I have.

Allowances €

MEP Staff Allowances

Office Cost Allowances

Travel & Subsistence

Parliamentary Assistance Allowance (MEP Staff Allowances)
This is used to employ of 6 full time staff. No staff members are relatives or family members of Mary Lou McDonald

General Expenditure Allowance (Office Cost Allowance)
This is used to cover all MEP related expenditure within the constituency and includes office running costs, and necessary equipment purchase.

Travel and Subsistence Reimbursement
These cover costs incurred when attending the European Parliament institutions, including travel and hotel accommodation in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Mary Lou McDonald’s record within the European Parliament (2004 – 09), includes:
-235 Written questions to the Commission (which include 5 oral questions with debates and 14 written questions to the Council).
- 89 speeches in the session
- 20 Motions for resolutions
- 1 report on the Maritime Labour Convention of the International Labour Organisation
- 1 written declaration adopted on Ending Street Homelessness in all member states by 2015
- Attendance 73%

Committee membership
Mary Lou is member of the employment and Social Affairs committee in the European Parliament and a substitute of the Civil Liberties committee.