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Growing numbers being denied postal & proxy votes - Sinn Féin

25 May, 2009 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O’ Dowd has said that Sinn Fein is receiving a growing number of complaints from people denied postal or proxy votes for next weeks European poll.

Under the stewardship of Douglas Bain the electoral office has in recent weeks attempted to disqualify families of 8 or more from the register, has according to media reports introduced extra staff to polling booths in nationalist areas without the production of any credible rationale for this and now they have denied many their basic entitlement to register their vote under the rules laid down under his own office.

Mr O’ Dowd said

“The increasing volume of complaints indicates a serious problem with the electoral office which means that people are being denied their democratic right to vote in this election. Whether this is the result of incompetence or something more sinister remains to be seen. But serious questions have to be asked about the motivation for some of these recently introduced measures under the direction of Douglas Bain, the Chief Electoral Officer. Sinn Fein is determined to shine a light on practices which are fundamentally undemocratic." CRÍOCH

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