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Equal pay issue needs resolved – Sinn Féin

1 June, 2009 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and Finance Committee member Jennifer McCann has welcomed the fact that a motion in the Assembly today calling for a resolution to the equal pay issue for civil servants has been passed.

Ms McCann also welcomed the fact that the DUP withdrew their amendment to this particular motion.

Speaking from Stormont this afternoon Jennifer McCann said,

“Last year Peter Robinson speaking as the Minister for Finance and Personnel gave a commitment to ensure that the situation would be resolved and that one hundred million pounds would be needed to settle the matter. Back in February of this year, the current Minister Nigel Dodds and the Permanent secretary of the Department for Finance and Personnel met with the trade union NIPSA and agreed to resolve the issue before Easter. As yet however this matter has not been resolved.

The reality has been that there has been and remains an under representation of particular groups at certain levels of the civil service. Women and Catholics are underrepresented at the higher grade level, while young protestant men are under represented at the lower grade levels.

It is estimated that almost 13,000 civil servants, mostly women and Catholics, are entitled to receive payments due to them not being paid equal wages.

There is a clear onus on Government and employers to speed up the pace of change and ensure that women get the same money as men for doing equal work.

Sinn Féin supported this motion today because we believe that this issue needs resolved as soon as is possible for the benefit of the many citizens it impacts upon.” CRÍOCH

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