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Sinn Féin meets with US Congressman Jim Walsh

18 February, 2004

Sinn Féin MLAs Bairbre de Brún and Alex Maskey this afternoon met with US Congressman Jim Walsh at the US Consulate in Belfast. Speaking after the meeting Ms de Brún said that the meeting provided 'a valuable opportunity to update Congressman Walsh on the current state of the Peace Process and present him with a briefing document on the shredding of the electoral Register here in the North'.

Ms de Brún said:

"As the Chairperson of the US Congress Friends of Ireland Group Congressman Walsh has been a strong supporter of the development of the Irish Peace Process over many years. Today's meeting provided us with an opportunity to update Congressman Walsh on the current state of the peace process.

"We impressed upon him our belief that there is an effort being made to present the current difficulties as a problem of IRA violence and of the parties refusing to share power. This is false. Sinn Féin has set our face against violence, and the parties which refuse to share power are the unionists.

"An added difficulty is the refusal by the governments, especially the British, to deliver on their commitments and we again raised the issue of collusion and the failure to act on the Cory Report at today's meeting.

"We presented Congressman Walsh with a briefing document detailing the decimation of the Electoral Register and the damaging effect this has had in undermining confidence in the electoral process at a time when all of our efforts have been on establishing the primacy of politics in the North." ENDS

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